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Cheap flights to Prague – the capital of the Czech Republic

Cheap flights to Prague

Prague is a great city where to have holidays or only a break from spring to winter with cheap flights to Prague. The city lies in the centre of Europe and it is full of historical sights, cultural events, sport events, and there can be seen many examples of modern architecture. History collides in a wonderful way with a modern spell and welcomes visitors with open arms.

The capital has a lot of to offer

No matter if you want to stay in the city just for a week or for a longer period of time. Prague has a lot of to offer from luxury break to a budget weekends. However Prague is not the biggest capital in Europe it definitely belongs to the prettiest one.

Flights to Prague Airport

Václav Havel Airport Prague or Letiště Václava Havla Prague used to bear the name Prague Ruzyně International Airport or Mezinárodní letiště Praha-Ruzyně stands for the international airport in the city and can be found about ten kilometres of the city centre. It serves as a base for Travel Service Airlines and also for low-cost carrier Wizz Air.

Cheap flights to Prague

If you book the flight in advance you can get there really cheap and have great deals. And the connection to the city centre is great. There is no train or subway connection, on the other hand you can get to the city centre by taxi (which is more expansive but can get just in front of your hotel whenever you need) or by buses which are cheaper and plentiful.

When you travel for example from London Heathrow you will get to the city in about two hours. The flight will be comfortable and relaxed. When you book the flight in advance you can enjoy cheap flight from some of the world’s destinations at the best possible prices.




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