Czech cuisine in Prague – Platina Restaurant

If you are tired of visiting the places of interest and you want to refresh your body and mind, you can visit a Prague luxury and elegant restaurant Platina with Czech cuisine in Prague. One of the most convenient ones is definitely Restaurant Platina and Garden where you can tackle your taste buds and enjoy delicious meal inside a Prague luxury and elegant restaurant.


Taste typical Czech meals as well as the international ones

This Prague luxury & elegant restaurant is convenient not only for couples but also for a whole family. You can taste a Czech cuisine in Prague which is famous all over the world or you can choose between some less traditional and more international meals. The menu is made of seasonal and fresh ingredients which makes the food even more delicious and more unforgettable. The chef Jakub Vomáčka whose name is “the sauce” in English can surprise you with preparation of traditional food that is also combined with his own ideas and inventions.


What delicacy you can taste?

You can come and taste for example cream of asparagus soup with a quenelle of sour cream or potato soup with mushrooms as soups or venison pate wrapped in bacon with pistachios and pear chutney or slices of salmon marinated in dill with eggplant sauce and cheese crouton or goat cheese mousse rolle as appetizers.


Professional staffs and their ability of languages

Restaurant Platina and Garden can be the synonym for the Czech cuisine in Prague which menu is always fresh and it is served by professional staffs that are able to talk with the customers of a restaurant in their own language and them about the ingredients in meal and the preparation of each part of a menu which tastes delicious.

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