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David Cerny gives middle finger to Communists

International attention – Cerny has gained international attention with his larger than life art installations. His previous work includes the famous “London Booster” at the 2012 Olympics in London; a full-size iconic red London bus with giant arms that enabled the vehicle to do push-ups.

The middle finger

You can encounter a 30-foot middle finger that is bluish-purple. The middle finger was made by sculptor David Cerny and the work of art floats on the Vltava River in Prague, Czech Republic. The interesting monument was presented four days before general elections, A Czech artist is well-known for his controversial and often provocative sculptures. The floating statue of a hand is making an obscure gesture on the Vltava river a few days before general elections which could give the communists a taste of lost power (after the Velvet Revolution in 1989).

David Cerny statue

Where we can see the statue

This sculpture was extended on a pontoon on the Vltava River on Monday (21st October) near the world-known Charles Bridge and the middle finger can be also seen from Prague Castle, which is the seat of the Czech presidency.

A protest against the support of the leftish Social Democrats – The act could be seen as a protest against the President´s support of a plan by the leftist Social Democrats to form a minority government after the vote with the support from the Communist Party.


Velvet revolution statue redesigned by David CernyVelvet Revolution took place on 17th November 1989 and it is considered to be the victory of democracy. It would be for the first time since the Velvet revolution that the party would get power (with the help of President). According to him we have a president that could get Communists to power again and this is the motive of his statue.


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