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Fraudulent conduct of some Prague taxi services

Fraudulent conduct of some Prague taxi services

Be careful about your money when you use the Prague taxi company AAA. Four of 5 taxis from AAA used turbo meters and overcharged their customers in the capital of the Czech Republic.

Is there nothing to be done?

Even though you notice the fraudulent conduct and alert the taxi driver he will throw you out of a taxi. So one of the people who were cheated decided to point out the fraudulent conduct of AAA and he made a short document about their behaviour. The result of the document was that the taxi company AAA tried to sue the author of a film; however, later they apologized for their behaviour. And they proclaimed that the Prague taxi driver who can be seen in the document was never contracted by AAA. But is it true that AAA taxi drivers with AAA marked cars drive without a contract?

Prague Taxi from AAA

Four of five Prague taxi from AAA (one of the biggest taxi company) ripped their customers off so be careful about their method of cheating. However, the Prague taxi company AAA is often used and highly recommended in many Prague’s hotels (even in luxurious five star hotels) as very safe and reputable at the same time, this information is not true.

What Prague taxi providers cheat travellers?

Their Prague taxi drivers manipulate the taxa meter by pushing a hidden button which is located beneath the leather covering the gearstick. And there is also need to say that a lot of their taxis have a special turbo meter and the customers are not safe even though they let hotel order the taxi.

They are not all the same or Prague taxi

There is important to mention that not all the taxi drivers are the same but there are such fraudulent conducts especially in tourist destinations.


Anti-Prague Taxi scam Youtube Chanel HERE

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