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Places to visit in Prague and enjoy it

Places to visit in Prague

We have tips for top places to visit in Prague. When the visitors are in the city of Prague, they can enjoy a lot of locations, not only well-known Prague castle. There are also other places of interest to visit in Prague.

Get to know Letna Park – They can get to know the Letna Park. Letna Park stands for the grassy area with trees, hillsides and plane tree-lined avenue. Hanavský Pavilion is a great cast-iron building with a restaurant. You can have a great in the park – participating in sports, walking, pickicking or just relaxin in the garden restaurant in the Letná chateau in the eastern quare of the Letna Park with Metronome Prague.

Next places to visit in Prague is Žižkov

Žižkov is the place in which there is the TV tower and it used to be known as Red Žižkov for being the Communists stronghold. There are many old pubs, coffees etc. You can have a striking view from the Zizkov Television Tower which is 216 meters high and it was completed in 1992.

Strahov Monastery – What about visiting other non-traditional places in the city of Prague? On the top of a hill in Prague there is located the Strahov Monastery which stands for the second one oldest monastery in Prague. The Strahov Monastery was built in 1140. The library hidden in here is divided into the Baroque Theological Hall with 18 000 religious texts, the grand Philosophical Hall with more than 42 000 old philosophical texts. And people who are into old books can look forward the rare volumes. The great Philosophical Hall is gilded wooded-carved decorations with wooden cartouches which used to be the early card catalogue system.

Visit the places which give the evidence of alchemist times in Prague

Once Prague used to be the home of alchemists and magicians in the reign of Rudolf II. Come and see the Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague which enables you to see the dark arts of the ancient city.

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