Prague Eiffel tower? Visit Petrin hill

Prague Eiffel tower on Petrin

When you want to have Prague in your hands you can visit the Petřín Lookout Tower – Prague Eiffel tower. The tower is about 63 metre high and is made of steel framework. The Petřín Lookout Tower looks like world-famous Eiffel Tower. Even though it is rather shorter that the French Eiffel Tower thanks the location of the Petřín Lookout Tower (which stands on a top of a hill, Petřín is at a higher altitude than the Eiffel Tower.

History of the Petřín Lookout Tower

Prague Eiffel tower was built in 1891 for the Jubilee Exhibition and it used to serve as an observation tower and a transmission tower at the same time. Nowadays it is a major tourist attraction and also disabled people can look forward to the unique view of Prague as there is installed an elevator for disabled people. Otherwise there are 299 stairs leading to the two observation platforms. You can also see the highest peak of the Czech Republic, Snezka. On the main level you can find a gift shop or a tiny cafeteria. The lowest level serves as an exhibition area (the theme of exhibition is changing from time to time). You can visit Prague Eiffel tower with Authorised Authorised Prague Segway tours with easy way in 120 minutes private tour from 2 persons BOOK NOW your Prague Segway tours.

Similarity between the Eiffel Tower and Prague Eiffel tower

The resemblance between the Eiffel Tower and the Petřín Lookout Tower is not accidental as in 1889 members of the Club of Czech Tourists were inspired in the world exposition in Paris by the Eiffel Tower. They were able to collect enough money for the building of the tower. They finished it in about four months!


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TV signal provider on Prague Eiffel tower

In 1953 a TV broadcasting antenna was put in there and this was the Prague’s main TV signal provider until 1992 when the Žižkov Television Tower was opened. The Petřín Lookout Prague Eiffel tower was thoroughly renovated in 1999.





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