Prague for children

When you are staying in Prague and you have children, you can visit numerous playgrounds in Prague or you can find a play area in the shopping mall.

The Petřín Hill and its attractive sites
However, there are such places as the Petřín Hill that not only offers beautiful views of Prague but you can enjoy some funny activities in here. The funicular that goes to the top of Petřín starts on Újezd street and is an exciting activity for your children. You can visit the mirror maze which is a fun diversion for both, children and adults alike, because there is the hall with distorting mirrors. At the weekend afternoons there are ponies and horseback rides available for children. In addition, the observatory can be very interesting for kids and for the adults as well. And do not forgot to stroll along the sweet-smelling rose garden that may be of interest for young couples as well as it offers the romantic secluded places.

The Kampa Island
Visit beautiful Kampa island in city centre with garden, Black Babies and views on Prague.

Boat Rides
Children can find the boat rides on the Vltava River very attractive too. A fun activity which can fill your free days is to take a boat from the Prague Zoo.

The Prague Zoo
The Prague Zoo is located near the Trója Chateau in Prague 7 and won the 7th position on Forbes Traveler Magazine’s World’s Best Zoos list in 2007. Kids can examine a surprisingly large tiger’s paw of they can stand face to face with a gorilla. A variety of greenery makes the place very pleasant to walk around. Children can enjoy fun play areas, a petting zoo and the older children can like the short chair-lift.

In Prague children have a lot of funny places and activities to visit or take part in.



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