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Prague Pride 2013 and its history

Praguepride 2013

Prague Pride 2013

They were so colourful and they were so proud of their sexual orientation. Gays and lesbians as well as their supporters enjoyed the third year of the rainbow parade.
The Prague Pride was organised for the third time
For the third time the parade of homosexuals and their friends took place in Prague. According to the organizers of the parade there marched twenty thousand people (in other words there were five thousand more people than the last year). The Saturday’s rainbow parade (on 17th August 2013) is considered to be the climax of the Prague Pride 2013 (that was holding the whole previous week – from 12th August – to 18th August). The procession was prepared since the morning and its participants used rainbow makeup and decorated floats that were the part of the procession. During the whole week there were discussions, theatrical productions, and the city tour.

The theme of this year’s Prague Pride – Coming out

The theme of this year’ Prague Pride was coming out. Coming out is the process in which one can understand that he or she is not heterosexual and can accept that he or she is a gay, a lesbian or a bisexual. These facts are not good to keep inside and for this reason during the Prague Pride 2013 there was the public coming out (when you can open your heart to your friends, family, colleagues and the others.
The city route 

Traditionally, the majority of people took place the parade that set out from The Wenceslas square. According to the research of the organizers almost the half of the visitors of the Prague Pride 2013 consisted of gays and one fifth forms lesbians. The rest was made up from heterosexual men and women.
The petition

The participants of the Prague Pride could listen to the music, they were able to dance and they could also sign the petition who demands the adoption of the child of his/her partner. This signature campaign was started by Professor Martin C. Putna.



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