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Segway Prague tours – city from another P.O.V.

To do in Prague? Get Prague Segway tours with authorised provider

Are you interested in unusual travelling through the big ancient cities?

Why not to rent a Segway Prague then?

If your answer is yes, then you should visit our office! We offer you four different Segway Prague tours, which will take you not only to the Prague´s famous Old Town, the oldest and the most visited part of the city center, but also for example to the Prague Castle, Kampa island, John Lennon´s Wall and many other renowned places.

List of the Segway Prague tours

Segway Prague 30 minutes (from 26 €)

This shortest tour leads from the Republic´s Square (starting point and also a place when the tour ends, there you would see the Powder Tower and the Municipal House), then it includes journey along the Vltava river, Jewish cemetery and through the Old Town Square

Segway Prague 60 minutes (from 40 €)

By choosing this tour you would start in the Republic´s Square and across the Vltava river you would get under the Charles Bridge and to the Kampa island and then back to the square again past the National Theatre.

Segway Prague 90 minutes (from 48 €)

The most favourite tour leads from the city center to the Kampa island and then also takes you round John Lenon´s Wall to the Prague Castle and after that back through the Jewish district.

Segway Prague 120 minutes (from 65 €)

Unlike the previous three tours, this one is the best choice for those who want to get to know not only the city center, but also some nature – a park that surrounds the Petřín Tower; choose this tour and you will see everything that´s interesting and typical for Prague.

Segway Prague tours Meetingpoint

We can guarantee to each customer that he gets what he asked for – if you would like to pay for an individual tour, we can arrange it for you as soon as possible so you wouldn´t have to wait for the rest of the people. For safety we keep our maximum of not more than 6 people per one group. If your group is bigger, we provide you additional guide.

Before each tour our instructors explain to everyone how to control the Segway and they also provide information about safety to all the customers. After that comes the tour itself with the same instructor, who is also a guide. If you want, you can request our photo service – we take a pictures of you during the tour that you can download on the internet for free after the tour is over.

You can book official Prague Segway tour or call our office when you feel like trying our Segways. In that case dial Segway Prague phone number on your cell phone. Otherwise you can also visit our office, which is situated in the street Králodvorská 5 (near the Old Town Square) and where we could meet each other in person. But remember, it´s always better to book it in advance so that we could have a place for you. The meeting point of Segway Prague is in the Republic´s Square in front of the Powder Tower.

We are looking forward to you visiting us in one of the most beautiful and old cities in Europe!

Authorised Segway Prague tours

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