Private brewery Prague list

When you seek an authentic and local beer you can find culinary experience in the capital of the Czech Republic because Czech belongs to consumer who really loves their beer. At Vinohrady there is a quaint beer cellar with a garden where you can taste up to 27 Czech microbrewery beers. This beer from local brewery Prague is really delicious.


A beer paradise – private Brewery Prague

In the Czech Republic there are nearly three hundred breweries, however, there used to be only about forty of them during the time of communism. When you want to taste Czech craft beers you should go to small, high-quality breweries.

Brewery Prague – Zly casy

Zly casy is ground zero for the Prague beer culture. This is located at Prague 4 district. There are 48 beers on draft from different small Czech breweries. Zly casy is a community of beer aficionados that organize bus trips for beer festival in the Czech Republic. They have relaxed atmosphere and you will have a special night off as their kitchen serves pub food and you can enjoy really long opening hours.

Pilsner Urquell

The Old Town is the place where there was Pilsner Urquell served for the first time in 1843. This beer is still one of the most significant Czech beer.

The Brewery Prague and Restaurant U Fleků

The Brewery and Restaurant U Fleků is one of the most interesting and most sought-after Czech cultural sights (similarly to the Prague Castle, Old Town Square, Vyšehrad, the Jewish Town, or the National Museum). There are eight halls and a garden to have a rest with their specific and unforgettable history. You can be served by Old Bohemian specialities with classical Czech dishes, for example 13 per cent U Fleků dark lager.


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