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Romantic Prague – for a young couple

In the spring, Petřín Park belongs to the most romantic places in Prague. You can take a walk among the blossoming cherry trees or you you can have a picnic with a great view over the panorama of the city. Lovers often meet by the statue of the romantic poet Karel Hynek Mácha for decades. In the summer the gardens of Prague Castle allow the shade of its fountains. And in the autumn, when the leaves fly along the banks of the Vltava river or in the winter you can admire the old roofs of the Old Town that are covered in a white blanket of snow.

Prague is a paradise on earth for the romantic spirit in each season of the year.

The Czech regards their beers as a national treasure. The most popular beer from the Czech production is Gambrinus. However, for some people, Kozel’s Medium, a pale lager is the best because it won the prize for the best Czech beer in 2008. Many locals claim that Pilsner Urquell is superior to those produced anywhere else in the Czech Republic. And Prague is the home to a number of bars offering a huge variety of beer. The finest beer experience can be at the restaurant U Medvídků, U Vejvodů, U Houdků and U Černého vola.

The nation’s contemporary art movement
DOX is a new art centre that was opened in 2008 and exhibits modern-day art in Prague. The thirst exhibition was named Welcome to Capitalism! The credo of the art centre is admirable simple: Try to see the little things that may be the greatest value.
Lucie, Sto Zvirat and Moravian folk rockers Cechomor belong to some of Prague’s better-known local musical talents. Very nice art deco theatre Akropolis hosts avant-garde, indie and also world bands. In the Lucerna and Music Bar you can hear jazz acts, blues bands at the weekdays.

For romantic tours you can take private Segway tour



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