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Shop for Christmas Gifts in Prague

Shop for Christmas Gifts in Prague

Christmas gifts from Prague include crystal, garnets, and other locally made items. You can shop for special souvenirs for your family and friends when you are in Prague during the winter time. The Christmas market or shops selling local goods are the best option.

When you decide to buy Czech glass and crystal, you can choose between the practical, or decorative one. The other option is a boxed set of wine or drinking glasses that can be purchased in some local shops. If you are looking for Czech glass and crystal, try new town.

Another traditional present can crystal jewelry. Visitor can buy beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Prices and quality vary widely from store to store, so it is advisable to shop around in order you could compare your options.

And the other interesting gift can be marionettes which can be purchased in different shops in Prague. Handmade puppets can be quite expensive, but these sophisticated toys are full of Czech personality. They can serve as a unique Christmas gifts for you on your list.

St. Nicholas Eve

December 5th is St. Nicholas Eve, when Mikulas, the Czech St. Nick, roams the streets to gives candy and treats to good children. Visit Old Town Square to be sure to see Mikulas and an angel and a devil as well. This event is especially fun in Prague. Parents bring their children to the Old Town Square where you can witness the tradition between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. In small towns and villages, the three characters visit people’s homes (especially those with little children). The evening of December 5 th is a scary and mysterious time for children! Children also receive St. Nicholas presents from their parents and other members of their families. The gift, usually sweets and chocolates, can be set in a stocking and hidden somewhere in the child’s room. The St. Nicholas tradition is based on a 4th century Greek bishop whose name was Nicholas who was said to have left a gift of money on the windowsill of three poor girls to enable them marriage.

Bohemian Carnevale and Masopust

Masopust, the Czech’s farewell to winter, occurs at the end of February or beginning of March. More lavish is Bohemian Carnevale, the Prague-style Mardi Gras celebrations, complete with masked open-air party. These two events welcome locals and visitors alike, so grab your mask and join the fun!



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