Zizkov tower Prague

The Žižkov Television Tower (in Czech Žižkovský vysílač) is a unique transmitter tower which was built in Prague between 1985 and 1992. It was designed by the architect Václav Aulický and the structural engineer Jiří Kozák. The Žižkov Television Tower stands high above the city’s traditional skyline on top of a hill in the district of Žižkov (a part of Prague), from which it took the name. The Žižkov Television Tower is an example of high-tech architecture.

The Žižkov Television Tower and its characteristics – The structure of the tower consists of three concrete pillars with a metallic finish which support nine ‘pods’ and three decks which are used for transmitting equipment. For this reason we can say that the structure is rather unconventional. Because one of the pillars far higher than the other pillars, this provides both the adequate height for some antennas, along with the gantry appearance and structure’s rocket. In total, the tower rises 216 metres (which is approximately 709 feet) high.

Three of the pods, which are positioned right beneath the decks at the top of the tower, are generally used for equipment related to the towers’ primary function and these are not accessible to the public. The remaining six pods are open to visitors, so you can see the observation rooms at 100 metres (328 feet) that also provide a panoramic view of Prague and its surrounding. The lower three pods, which are about half-way up the length of the pillars at 63 metres (207 feet), offer a recently redecorated restaurant and a café bar. Elevators, which are equipped with speedometers, transport its passengers to the different levels of the Žižkov Television Tower at a rate of 4 m/s. The tower weighs 11,800 tons and is also used as a meteorological observatory. It is a member of the World Federation of Great Towers.

Black Babies (From Kampa Island) climbing at the Zizkov Tower



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