Black Babies


Typically for the communist architecture in Central and Eastern Europe, the Žižkov TV tower was generally resented by the local people. It also received a lot of nicknames, usually related to its rocket-like shape, e.g. “Baikonur” after Soviet cosmodrome, or “Pershing” after the US IRBM. Some of them are quite political, like “Jakešův prst” (Jakeš’s finger, after the Secretary General of the Czechoslovak Communist Party) and so on. As the official criticism during the time of its construction was impossible, unofficially the tower was criticised for its ‘megalomania’, and for destroying a part of a centuries-old Jewish cemetery which is located near the tower’s foundations. Fortunately, the tower’s reputation among the Czechs has improved recently.
However, it is said that the tower was planned to be used to jam the incoming western radio and television transmissions (particularly Radio Free Europe) and that it had a potential use as a communications facility for Warsaw Pact forces in the event of an attack on NATO.

Today, the tower management really strives for attracting the potential visitors by highlighting the technological innovations of the Žižkov television Tower. Changes which were made recently

David Černý as a sculptor

In 2000, typical sculptures which were made by the Czech sculptor David Černý of babies crawling up and down were temporarily attached to the tower’s pillars. These sculptures were admired by many and returned back in 2001 as a permanent installation.

Famous restaurant – The restaurant ‘Chef Ondrej Soukup’ features a range of cuisines from their specialty neck of lamb to French and Asian to more traditional meals.

České Radiokomunikace – TOWER Datacenter – When the analogue TV broadcasting was removed (because of replacing by digital broadcasting), the owner used the free space for a new colocation datacenter with capacity for 64 racks.

Luxury Room –  in February 13, 2013 a luxury one room hotel was added. The room sits upstairs from the reopened restaurant and a spiral staircase provides private access.



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