Things to do in Prague in Summer

Things to do in Prague in Summer

When you are in Prague and you are wondering what to do you can book a Segway tour or hire a bike tour with a local guide. It´s best choice for things to do in Prague

Things to do in Prague Segway tours

Prague is so lovely and you will have fun to see it in this way. A Prague Segway tours is a perfect way to explore all the back streets and speed up hills or gorgeous park as Segway does not have many limitations. It is very easy to master it because Segway is very manoeuvrable and nearly anyone can use it. It does not matter how old you are. You can choose 30minute, 60minute, favourite 90minute, or thorough 120minute Prague Segway tours which is guided. And even the older people make use of it because of Segway hill climbing capabilities. Thanks to Segway you can visit Prague castle or the Petrin tower and admire its wonderful views from this height. The tour guide is a pleasant lady or a man who is very knowledgeable on the Prague’s history and they will tell you useful and interesting facts about Prague. You will have enjoyable part of a day and you will appreciate this way of transport as you can perceive the scenery and landscape as you are not dead tired but safe and sound with authorised provider.



your Prague Segway tours with local guides


Next things to do in Prague: Bike tour

Another things to do in Prague is a bike tour or e-bike tour. This is a great way how to cover the whole city, its architecture, river, culture, history and even the fresh parks. You will have fun on a guided bike tour and you will join the history, architecture, with sport and fun. You can even ride the bike to Karlstejn Castle that is outside of Prague and leads in a marvellous countryside.



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