TOP list – What to see in Prague

What to see in Prague

Prague has a lot of to offer. This is the historical centre of Czech lands since ancient times when the Premyslid dynasty stayed in here. The legend says that mythical princess Libuse was able to foresee the future and she predicted the glory of Prague.

What to see in Prague – The Premyslid dynasty

Prague became the flourishing city mainly during the reign of the Czech king and Roman emperor Charles IV who built Charles university which became the first university in eastern, southern and central Europe, Charles Bridge which meant to be the connection between East and West, and last but not least New Town according to the example of modern and gorgeous Paris. Prague turned into the culturally, economically, and diplomatically important site of the whole Europe.

The Habsburg dynasty and its influence

During the reign of the Habsburg dynasty the city was given the Baroque style which one can admire in many churches of the city, for example well-known St. Nicholas Church in the Lesser Town of Prague. The church was built by father and son Dientzenhofer in the first half of the 18th century and stand for the most important Baroque churches in Europe.

What to see in Prague – The modern architecture

However, the modern architecture has a lot of to offer. One of the great examples is definitely Frank Gehry’ s Tančící dům which only support the beauty and uniqueness of the city thanks to the rare but significant Cubist architecture in Prague.

What to see in Prague with Segway tour

One of the best ways how to explore the city is Segway tours Prague which enables its customers to get to know the city in a comfortable way without wasting your time and energy. Our fully qualified and experienced guides are able to speak in foreign languages so you do not have to worry about the language barrier.

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