Top things to do in Prague

Prague is the city which enables its visitor’s lots of fun, sights, sport and cultural events, modern art and architecture and the unique atmosphere of the linking of the west and the east. Here we have top Things to do in Prague list:

Things to do in Prague on Old Town Square

Old town Square is the heart of Old Town in Prague and you can admire Baroque houses which are located in here. Old Town Square lies between the sought-after Wenceslas Square and famous Charles bridge (statues and lamps are lined along the bridge which crosses the Vltava River to the Prague Castle). The visitors can see different architectural styles on the square – the gothic in the Týn Church (the church was built in 1385 by the Hussites and renowated at the end of the 20th century), Baroque in the St. Nicholas Church, and last but not least the oldest working astronomical clock in the entire world. You can even climb up to the Old Town Hall’s tower to see Staromestské námesti in once.

Things to do in Prague tip 2: Old Jewish Cemetery

Another attraction is one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in whole Europe; Old Jewish Cemetery is located in the Josefov, the Jewish Quarter which is near to the famous Old-New Synagogue. There are about 12 thousand tombstone and a small yard.

Next things to do in Prague: Franz Kafka Museum

Franz Kafka Museum in Lesser Town is dedicated to the writer from the 19th century who was of the Jewish origin and wrote in German. His works reveal the unexpected and unique attitude to life which can enrich each of us even after a long time they were written.

Things to do in Prague in Prague Castle

Prague Castle is the residence of the Czech presidents and former of the Czech kings. This is also the large complex of buildings that are connected by internal courtyards. They were built in last 1000 years.

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