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Why to register yourself on This service is valuablewhen you want to help with e. g. accommodation or the travel service. There are plenty of hotels, tours etc. It is up to you to choose the continent and the category of accommodation (or bars and clubs, car rental, casinos, corporates, holidays, resorts, restaurants, sports, tours, tours agencies, and travel points) as well as the price per one day from 0 to 1200 dollars. In addition, these categories can be sorted by distance (closes first), and date (newest to oldest and vice versa oldest to newest). You can even choose among the most popular spots which can be seen in the photos in order you can imagine these interesting and remarkable places.  There is a list of news which is sorted according to the categories and tags (to be clearly arranged).

You can find tips and tricks in Prague that may come in handy when you want to explore Prague on your own or you do not know what to do in here. Not only are there clearly arranged maps, useful tips for accommodation in Prague, but also properties in Prague, the history of the town and last but not least tips and tricks (where you can find useful information about the Prague airport Taxi services, gardens of Prague, famous sculptors, travel scams, parking in Prague, the Zizkov Television Tower, rent or sale property in Prague and free Mortgage service and more).

The web page is also useful for travel agencies, a tour guide, tourists etc. There is an offer of the       displaying of advertising banners at a reduced price.

So you have a good case for unpaid registration on which bring you a lot of important pieces of information and useful tips for your holiday.


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