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What to do during the IIHF World Championships 2015 Prague

What to do during the IIHF World Championships 2015 Prague

Are you in Prague for IIHF World Championships 2015 and you have some free time for exploring the capital of the Czech Republic? What about getting to know the most of historical and mysterious places in Prague?

Book a Private Segway tour via Prague

You can book a Private Prague Segway tours with authorised provider and fully trained and qualified guide who will tell you many interesting information about historical sights, monuments, events that made up today’s Prague. And what´s more, you can use the tour through Prague with your family or friends with a special discount 20% with the code for IIHF World Championships 2015 for online booking and online secure payment with Credit Card or PayPal.

The sense of beauty will be combined together with the impression of a fair play

So you will have a complex experience from the ancient town in the centre of Europe. You ice hockey heart will exalt at the feeling that you are in the centre of IIHF World Championships 2015 and you can experience also the mystical atmosphere of the city which has a lot to offer, for example the Charles Bridge that bears the name of its founder Charles IV, or the National Theatre that is one of the symbols of liberty and national pride, such as the symbol of the Czech statehood – the Prague Castle. And thanks to the means of transport you will be given the chance to encounter the sights in peace and quiet and the impression of privacy will be gently mixed with the impression of being accompanied by our experienced guide.

Go for it!

The sense of beauty and the sense of sport and friendship will be linked together.


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