What to do in Prague in may: E-bike in Prague

What to do in Prague in may: E-bike in Prague

When you want to explore the heart of the Czech Republic, you can use E-bike in Prague. This is one of the best ways how to watch the most of historical Prague, its gorgeous surroundings and unforgettable locations within three hours!

A great experience of the city

This is the great way how to live salutary experience and have first-hand experience of the most famous and exciting sites of the ancient city which lies in the centre of the Czech Republic and Europe as well. In about three hours you are able to encounter the most trilling sites of Prague. The tour contains training, a complimentary helmet or the soft drink to refreshment yourself.

The other advantage of taking E-bike

Another advantage of taking E-bike in Prague is that you have a lot of energy to explore the other interesting places, restaurants and parks or museums. E-bike is not only enviromnemtally friendly, but also very comfortable and its users can use vantage point without tiredness.

Where to start?

An ideal spot is in Kampa Park (near the Charles Bridge) which is historical place and at the same time very peaceful and quiet. This location is located in here. You can enjoy yourself being guided by licenced and enthusiastic young guide. And such interesting landmarks will be seen, such as the Charles Bridge, Jewish Quarter, Old Town Square, Letna Park, Prague Castle, or Petrin Terraces. You don´t have to worry about your age as this is a suitable means of transport for nearly everyone.

When to use E-bike?

You can choose between the mornings or the afternoon electric bike tours depending on your preferences. The guide will offer you a short explanation about an E-Bike and also a brief training ride.

What to do in Prague in may

When you want to explore Prague in May there are a lot of great chances what to do, for example Open days. During these days you can visit state rooms in Prague Castle (which stands for a seat of the President of the Czech Republic), Chamber of Deputies (with its main meeting hall and meeting rooms), the Senate of the Parliament (with the most appreciated historical rooms of the Wallensten and Kolowrat Palaces), Kramar’s Villa (the villa of the first Czechoslovak Prime Minister Karel Kramar), or the unique Night of churches (when a lot of churches in the capital of the Czech Republic stay open for public even during the night which brings the intimate atmosphere of the place).

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