WW2 Escape games Prague: Operation Anthropoid

Escape Games Prague

The 27th May 1942 marks an important turning point for the Czechs during the Second World War. It is the day of the assassination of the feared Reich Protector Reynard Heydrich, who was viewed as the symbol of the Nazi oppression by the Czechs. The attack with the code name Operation Anthropoid was prepared by the British Special Operation Executive with the approval of the Czechoslovak government-in-exile and carried out by Kubiš and Gabčik, who have been airlifted from the United Kingdom to Czechoslovakia along with seven other soldiers.

In Prague they have organized the attack with the help of few families and anti-Nazi organization. Heydrich was seriously injured in the attack and died just several days afterwards. This led to a massive unforeseen retaliation by the German SS troops, that included manhunts, the death of many civilians and even the complete destruction of two Czech villages Lidice and Ležáky.

To have a get a better feeling for the somber atmosphere of the days following the assassination of Reynard Heydrich, you may choose to visit several attractions that Prague has to offer, such as museums, guided tours specializing in Second World War and Operation Anthropoid, or you may try an innovative approach and visit an escape game by the company Locked in Prague, that is located in the street Husinecká 3, not far from the flat where Gabiš and Kubiš were actually hiding while planning the attack on the Reich Protector.

Locked in PragueThe escape games Prague itself is set on the day of the 27th of May 1942, and your goal is to search the flat of Pavel Nový in a sixty minute time limit uncovering many clues, locks and puzzles with the purpose of finding a secret he is hiding inside before the Gestapo get there. To find more about the game, you can visit the company’s web page


  • The game is not suitable for people with epilepsy. 
  • Children under fifteen need to be accompanied by an adult.

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